Lebanon’s MB meets with Bashour and Hezbollah officials

Lebanon’s MB meets with Bashour and Hezbollah officials

Ibrahim el-Masry, Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Lebanon met with the leaders of committees and leagues chaired by Maan Bashour, General Co-coordinator of the MB center in Beirut on Thursday. The meeting was attended by members of the MB Political Bureau Omar Al-Masry, Hussein Hamada, and Wael Najm.

 During the meeting, Secretary General of the Islamic Group discussed the general situation in Lebanon and the Arab world. He stressed on the importance of unity and integration in the Arab and Islamic arenas, as to strengthen its role in the face of the projects targeting them in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq.

Both parties hailed the recent stance of the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in supporting the Palestinian people.

Through the regular meetings which were held, there had been consensus between the Islamic Group and Hezbollah to continue holding meetings; the joint commission held a meeting in the political council headquarter of Hezbollah on Thursday.

The meeting was attended by the Political Bureau chairman Azzam al-Ayoubi, Hussein Hamada and Bassam Mahmoud, from the party and Sheikh AbdulMajeed Ammar, Hassan Hadraj and Mohammed Sale, members of the Political Council.

According to the MB official website, the meeting was an opportunity to review issues of mutual interest and international, Islamic, Arab and Lebanese dimensions. It was agreed to continue the discussions in subsequent meetings.