• Lebanon
  • July 8, 2007
  • 3 minutes read

Lebanon’s MB Supports Yakan, Denounces Govt Intimidations

The Islamic Group, Muslim Brotherhood (MB) offshoot in Lebanon, declared its rejection to security attempts to defame Dr. Fathi Yakan, the leader of the Islamic Action Front.
Islamic preacher, Fathi Yakan, leader of the Islamic Action Front in Lebanon, strongly denied claims that a state security force in Tripoli, found ammunitions and weapons in a flat owned by the Islamic Action Front. Yakan described these reports as “fabricated” and that the flat has been unoccupied for a long time describing these claims of finding weapons are political motivated. He proved this by stressing that the media rushed to publish the news even before confirming its authenticity from related authorities.
He added in a statement to Ikhwanweb that:”How have they raided a flat without any search warrant from the court, although it is a wholly empty flat which I used as an office for me more than seven years ago. They claim that they found machineguns, night telescopes and bombs in an old empty flat. This is a groundless claim”.
Yakan warned the media from exploiting the incident and overflowing it for political gains. He warned them against using such dirty tricks while dealing with the Islamic movement .
The Islamic preacher confirmed that this false incident aims at distorting his attitudes and attitudes of the Islamic Action Front, starting from supporting Hezbollah in the last war of Lebanon, his attempted mediation between opposition and government reach a common ground and his latest mediation between Fatah Al-Islam organization and the Lebanese army. He pointed out that some parties are provoked by sincere efforts exerted for rescuing Lebanese territories. These parties are actually implementing a foreign agenda, according to him.
For its part, the Islamic Group, Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Lebanon, declared its rejection to such measures. It said in a Saturday statement, a copy of which was obtained by Ikhwanweb, its rejects such security exercises with Dr. Fathi Yakan, although he is currently at odds with the group in some  political issues.
This security treatment recalls to mind the eras of security domination to which we hope we won’t return, said the statement.
The group confirmed that ” the Islamic movement should be treated wisely and cautiously”. This is because any mistake committed ” may be seized by foreign enemies who want this country to remain soaked in conflicts. These actions may allow the foreign powers to boost their powers of recruiting more naïve persons to serve violence and extremism in religion, and to make them a fuel for the conspiracy that may lead to a full destruction of Lebanon and the region as a whole.
It is worth mentioning that Fathi Yakan, the leader of the Islamic Action Front has mediated, since last May, for ending the ongoing crisis of Nahr Al-Bared. He met leaders in Fatah Al-Islam group and called on them to surrender, but they didn’t accept his call.