• October 25, 2014
  • 4 minutes read

Letter from Egypt’s Legitimate President Mohamed Morsi to All Egyptians

Letter from Egypt’s Legitimate President Mohamed Morsi to All Egyptians

To the great people of Egypt…

I congratulate you all for the new Hijri (Islamic) year, as our homeland witnesses the height of your continuing Revolution and the determination and power of Egypt’s youth. I congratulate you, as I feel reassured of your Revolution against this lame coup and its commanders and collaborators who want to subjugate this country. They will fail abjectly. In fact, the coup leaders are already terrified of their fate and the punishment that awaits them for the crimes they’ve committed against the great Egyptian people.

I would also like to announce clearly that I have refused, and am still refusing, all attempts to negotiate or compromise on the constants of the Revolution or the blood of the martyrs. Those are attempts to help the corrupt criminals to continue to enjoy enslaving the people they never deserved to belong with – not for one day.

I would like to stress to all revolutionaries active on the ground as well as their leaders, councils, alliances, symbols, thinkers and students: "No recognition of the coup, No retreat from the Revolution, No negotiation or compromise on the blood of the martyrs".

I wish all our revolutionary people a great new year. I wish all of you freedom forever. I certainly believe God will help this Revolution to ultimate victory. My confidence in your strong determination and powerful action is unshakable.

I will not leave prison and go home until my detained sons and daughters of the Revolution are released before me. My life is not more worthy or precious than the lives of the honorable martyrs of the Revolution. My resilience and determination are derived from the resolve of our selfless youth in all universities and liberty squares of the Revolution. I have not and will not forgo retribution for the martyred soldiers assassinated by treacherous criminals after the coup turned the whole country into rivers of blood. I believe only the Revolution will heal this homeland’s wounds.

Complete your Revolution, sure of a near victory. God will never let you down.

We will meet, soon, and the Revolution will have achieved its objectives and honored popular will.

Mohamed Morsi

President of the Arab Republic of Egypt