• June 5, 2014
  • 6 minutes read

Letter from Egypt’s Legitimate President Mohamed Morsi to All Egyptians

Letter from Egypt’s Legitimate President Mohamed Morsi to All Egyptians

 To the proud and patriotic people of Egypt and all revolutionaries…

God has ordained that our blessed (January 25) Revolution face up to various trials and tribulations on the harder road to ultimate triumph. Meanwhile, He blessed it with the best revolutionaries ever – men and women who make Egypt stand tall among other nations.

To all persevering men and women of the Revolution…

Tread the path of your peaceful revolution steady as mountains, with steely resolve and steadfast determination. Your Revolution will very soon be victorious, God willing. Behind you, an overwhelming majority of the people is waiting for you to lead them in a crushing wave, just as they showed the world the deafening silence of their positive boycott of the illegitimate election that aimed to put the coup leader more effectively in power.

The putschists wished for a deluded nation, but were shocked and humiliated by Egyptians’ awareness and resilience. Therefore, close ranks, do not be divided nor fight among yourselves, so you would not weaken or lose heart.

As God is my witness, I never spared any effort in fighting corruption and criminality, through legal procedures and revolutionary actions. I was right. And I was wrong. But I never betrayed you or this homeland, and I never will. I spent long years of my life facing up to corruption and crimes, and I will continue to do so for as long as I live.

To the proud and patriotic people of Egypt …

You have impressed the whole world with your continued non-violent revolt. You are the present and the future, today and tomorrow… you are the homeland. The Revolution relies on your steely resolve. I trust you will persist and persevere until you win well-deserved glory. Continue your peaceful Revolution, with steadfastness and patience. I can see you, generations after me, tell your sons how you persisted and were victorious, how you sacrificed and empowered your Revolution.

All free nations have not recognized this criminal putschist regime thanks to Egyptians’ continuing Revolution and their adherence to non-violence. No free nation in the whole world will recognize any false procedures or actions based on this falsehood.

In conclusion, I say to my patriotic people: Watch for your Revolution and its noble goals. The martyrs’ blood shall not be laid to waste, nor shall the groans of the wounded or the sacrifices of the political prisoners and detainees – never – as long as the Revolution has real men and women working conscientiously, raising its banner… revolutionaries who believe in its principles and rally around it in order to achieve all its objectives.

I know this is a rough road, but I do believe in your good character, and the fairness of your cause. And I am confident that God Almighty will grant you victory.

God bless you and your homeland…

Continue your peaceful revolt.

Mohamed Morsi

President of the Arab Republic of Egypt