Letter Of Resignation

The following contains parts of the letter of resignation by the Egyptian Diplomat Mr Yehia Zakareyia Nagm, the Charge D’Affaires in Caracas which he sent to the Egyptian Foreign Minster and published in Al Qodos Al Arabi which is a London base newspaper issued on 24th of May 2005.

The Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Caracas

Mr Minster/ Ahmed Abo El Gheit, the foreign Minster

Kind greetings

First of all I would like to thank your Excellency for the nice gesture of sending me a greeting card on the occasion of the blessed Eidol Adha (religious banquet of sacrifice) may Allah grant you and our dear country a happy and a blessed return.

Please permit me to point out in this letter of mine to the Embassy’s letter numbers 41-47 during the period of 18-21 of the current month that has been sent by seta. While I express my regret I ask your Excellency to accept my resignation and to be discharged from my duties at the foreign ministry for the following reasons:

The Egyptian polices has transformed during latter years and decades and changed to a strange (& an alien) policy to all of us that break ranks with our traditional, religious, national, and historical believes and also it clashes with them some times. A policy that converges to projects and polices that are totally strange to all of us to a degree that we fell prey to disappointment and despair and sometimes were shocked and disillusioned from some of some of these stances which became difficult to understand, comprehend and stomached let alone expressing and defending them. This becomes a heavy burden -on our conscious- to carry because on one hand we do not want to have any shortcoming on our parts while performing our work and duties and on the other hand we not want to go against our conscious and believes. And;

On the internal front the Egyptian people are subject to a crushing economical crisis for many years that left its bitter fingerprints of daily suffering on our citizens and on the building and development of the society in all walks of life be it education health or sociology. However the most severe of all these consequences is that broad sections of the society have lost hope and desire in continuing the struggle and resistance. This led to the prominence of corruption and negative social phenomena. This is because of the absence of a sound concept (& thinking) and a national project; because of the loss of confidence, values and the transformation to individualism and disengagement; because of planned and thought through policies in the fields of media, politics and security to fragment the cohesion and the effective collaborative sharing to create terrible vacuum in the mind of citizens.

In the shadow of the atmosphere of extension (e.g. extension for the president for 5th 6 years term in office), steeling the people right in electing whom they see fit to lead and represent them and the suffocation of their freedom; and the restriction of this right –i.e. election of the president- to a group of citizen (he means the member of the People Assembly or the parliament) -whoever they may be- we all know how they did come about (the people suffered long from “the master of its decision” e.g. parliament, and from the members whom their legitimacy are challenged in courts , from the “ecstasy members”- e.g. those members of parliament who are drug traffickers- , from the “loan’s members”- e.g. those who obtain loans with false collaterals and never pay it back and even from those known as “proxy’s members”- e.g. those who forged proxies) is a matter that could not be approved by any jurisprudence, law or common sense and is not worthy of a nation that had taught the civilisation. to the whole world.

I mean, by my illustrations, to clarify that the regime and current system creates and encourages corruption and enables corrupt people not only to continue down their way unabated but also helps them to get rid of any one that stands in their way.

Mr Minster Egypt kills its offspring and unfortunately starting with the noble and honest ones amongst them.

Therefore and for all what have preceded I sincerely hope that your Excellency accept my resignation and I am willing to co-operate with any serious investigation addresses all what I have mentioned; and I borrow the following phrase from our processors “ For the sake of Egypt we entered into the foreign office and for the sake of Egypt we also leave”.

We make our solemn vow to Al mighty Allah to remain always as sincere kids to her (i.e. to our mother land Misr –the so called Egypt in the English translation).