Liberated prisoner: Death threatening prisoner Amal Juma

Liberated prisoner: Death threatening prisoner Amal Juma

Liberated prisoner Sumud Al-Qan drew the attention of all those concerned with the issue of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation authority jails to the plight of prisoner Amal Juma who is suffering from cervical cancer.


Qan, 23, said that Juma, who is serving an 11-year-term, has been suffering from bleeding for the past five years, recalling that Juma has so far spent six years in IOA jails.


The liberated prisoner said that the Israeli prisons authority was offering only tranquilizers to Juma.


Qan, who served five years in IOA jails and was only released a few days go, told the prisoners” center for studies that the Palestinian women prisoners were experiencing harsh incarceration conditions.


She noted that the IPA delayed her scheduled release for two days, which negatively affected her and her family.


She warned that the same would be made with prisoner Sana” Amr, from Al-Khalil, who is scheduled to be release on 22/6/2009.


Speaking about the prisoners” suffering in Damon jail, she said that the prison is full of rats and cockroaches and that the administration was barring them from buying their needs such as fans and shoes.


The administration told the internees that they would have to wear an orange costume but they adamantly refused, which temporarily aborted the step, Qan underscored.


She said that the IPA was planning to move the Palestinian female prisoners from Hasharon prison to Damon jail early next month, adding that the 26 prisoners in Damon were crammed in three rooms.


The liberated prisoner appealed for an end to the Palestinian rift, describing national unity as the dream of all prisoners. She said that the division had negatively affected the prisoners” conditions.