Liberties Committee kick off campaign against the emergency law

The Liberties Committee of the Egyptian Lawyers’ Syndicate publicly announced the launching of a campaign to counter any government attempts aimed to extend the state of emergency during the upcoming period. They asserted that the emergency law was devised specifically to suppress the freedoms of citizens and to siege political life.

In his statement to Ikhwanweb, Rapporteur of the civil Liberties Committee Mohamed El Damati said the commission- during the impending period- will prepare to issue a statement refusing to extend the state of emergency.

He continued that “The state of emergency was used in purposes other than those stipulated by the President, that is; to combat drugs and terrorism. The law was incorrectly applied where it was used in the suppression of political activities, the siege of political life and vote-rigging this all must end especially since the state is on the verge of significant political elections which must not take place in this climate.