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Liberties Committees to condemn latest Brotherhood’s arrests

Liberties Committees to condemn latest Brotherhood’s arrests

Liberties Committees of Journalists’ and Lawyers’ Syndicates condemned the fierce campaign of arrests in which top members of the Muslim Brotherhood were arrested at down included the Brotherhood’s deputy chairman Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, a member of the Executive Bureau Dr. Essam el-Erian and Dr. Abdur-Rahman Al-Barr, a professor of Hadith methodology and a member of the MB Guidance Bureau. 

In his statement to Ikhwanweb, Rapporteur of the civil Liberties Committee Mohamed El Damati, said we strongly condemn these arrests in which Egypt ‘s state security is targeting top political Brotherhood figures in an attempt to curtail its leading role.  

“This campaign of arrests within the group’s leaders are ineffective and will be in vain with a largest opposition movement in Egypt which holds 88 seats in the last parliamentary elections,” he said

Jamal Taj al-Din, Secretary-General of the Civil Liberties Committee, said that such a dangerous waiver against Egypt’s largest political opposition will be discussing in the committee’s next meeting, adding that the arrests are revealing a systematic policy approach to overcome political reformers who are trying desperately to repair the damage done by the ruling regime over the past 25 years and more.

Mohamed Abdul Quddus, Rapporteur of the civil Liberties Committee and member of the Press Syndicate Council, described the latest wave of arrests as “a crime by all standards against freedom of opinion and expression, emphasizing it is as an act of retaliation arising from the government after the Brotherhood held its last election and is aimed at undermining participation by the group ahead of the forthcoming legislative elections.

“These tragic incidents actually disclose that such mentality still insists on dealing with thorny issues and political developments to the future of Egypt by security force,” he added. Such barbaric ideology no longer has a place in most major worlds’ capitals except Egypt, which affirms that Egypt really needs to change.