Libya’s Justice & Construction Party Announces Its Support for National Unity Government

Libya’s Justice & Construction Party Announces Its Support for National Unity Government

 The Libyan Political Agreement has been achieved with the extensive participation of the official and non-official members (and boycotting members) of the General National Congress and the House of Representatives, as well as representatives of political parties, municipalities, civil society, women, and cities linked to the crisis, as well as independent social and political personalities and icons.

The Libyan political dialogue lasted more than fourteen months, under comprehensive political division, armed conflict and at total collapse of the political, security and economic processes at all levels, with Libya’s very social fabric ruptured, dangerous terrorist organizations expanding to threaten Libya and the entire region.

This agreement received international and regional consensus, support and assistance, as well as broad internal support. It will put an end to the crisis in the country with a consensual approach that keeps the General National Congress under the name of the Supreme Council of the State, while the House of Representatives is entrusted with the legislative and regulatory issues.

Based on the agreement, the Presidency Council is expanded to help achieve geographical balance with the involvement of the maximum number of the parties. Meanwhile, the Government of National Accord will operate from the capital Tripoli and unite the country, recognized and supported by the world community.

The agreement seeks to put an end to division and conflict, and ward off complete collapse. In the absence of any practical alternative, and in the light of the serious conditions experienced by the country, we stress the following:

First: The great masses of Libyans who sense the gravity of the situation and support the Libyan Political Agreement: You have a duty to go out onto the streets and squares across Libya to express your full support for the peaceful solution and the Government of National Accord. Support without action is not enough. The homeland calls on you to act now.

Second: Those who are worried about some aspects of the political agreement: We understand and appreciate your concerns. But that agreement was signed after huge differences, a deep split and a sharp conflict. If we want to unite and save the homeland, it is necessary for all parties to compromise, and turn the pages of the past.

Third: Those who are simply trying to put up obstacles; the obstinate; those endeavoring to cling on to power, who want to monopolize the Revolution – and accuse all opponents of betrayal: You won’t be able to defeat the will of the people. You have the right to peaceful dissent, guaranteed by the Constitutional Declaration and the law, without any armed escalation or violation of the law.

– You will bear the responsibility, before God, then the Libyan people, for the consequences of your actions, if you waste this real opportunity – that probably will not be repeated – to save the country and end the suffering of the citizens.

Fourth: The Government of National Accord’s Presidency Council: You carry a heavy load of responsibilities. Seek the help of technocrats; focus on priorities; cast away all differences and disputes; skillfully distribute the most important portfolios; and send messages of reassurance to everyone without exception.

Finally… despite what has been said or what might well be said – the unfounded accusations, we assure everyone that we only engaged in this dialogue and carried our responsibilities at all stages in order to achieve what we believe is good for the country and the people, away from any selfish interests or gains.

Mohamed Hassan Swaan

President of the Justice and Construction Party – Libya

Tuesday – March 29, 2016