• February 22, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Libyan Authorities should Solve the Crisis, Press Release on Benghazi Mayhem

Libyan Authorities should Solve the Crisis,   Press Release on Benghazi Mayhem

Libyan Authorities should Solve the Crisis
Press Release on Benghazi Mayhem
In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious

With great concern, we follow up the latest developments of the mishap of the coastal city of Benghazi started on Friday. On Sunday Feb.19th, arson spread when some buildings were blazed such as the Social Solidarity, the Criminal Search, the Public Treasury and parts of el-Gala hospital. Hundreds of enraged families allied before the hospital where they were denied access to see their injured relatives. Meanwhile truckloads of police riot and security forces were deployed in the city; a situation that may aggravate the crisis and leave further causalities.

The Muslim Brotherhood certainly believes that the folks’ violent protest that turned deadly reflects the popular fury, against which the group has repeatedly warned, which resulted form oppression and deteriorating economical status that abjectly impoverish them.

We caution the authorities that handling the situation by their usual ’security solutions and use of force’ will lead but to step up tension and more victims. In stead, we call on the government to make radical reforms in the structure of the state, release liberties, and improve the economical situation.

While we emphatically condemn the security forces which opened fire at Friday’s vulnerable protestors, we warn to repeat this tragedy in future. We, in addition, appeal to resent residents of Benghazi for adherence to patience and self-restraint. Meantime, we exhort the government to take urgent procedures to alleviate the crisis:
1- Announce the names of injured protestors, allow their families visiting them and immediately set detainees free.
2- Offer a high-level official apology to inhabitances and compensate them materialistically and spiritually.
3- Conduct an independent probe to find out the responsible for using the excessive force and to be accounted. Take the Libyan Security Ministry along with its departments to court to be publicly trialed.
4- Take appropriate procedures that put the security forces in a legal frame of protecting Libyans and their rights.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Libya