Libyan dictator warns use of Facebook

Libyan dictator warns use of Facebook

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today expressed surprise and resentment at the continuation of Libyan dictator resorting to practices that need psychological treatment , the latest of which was warning of using “Facebook” and arresting some Internet activists because of their support of the democratic revolution in Egypt, and calling Libyans to make democratic and economic reforms.

Many Libyan Internet activists have declared their support for the pro-democracy movement and change in Egypt, which turned into a revolution, and have created groups on Facebook to call for political and economic reforms in Libya. Security of Libyan dictator arrested a number of them. The Arabic Network managed to know one of them, Jamal elKowafy 40 years old, who works at the University of Garyounis.
As well Gaddafi hired some agents to attack activists who call for political reform and ending corruption in Libya. Later, Gaddafi himself later warned against using Facebook, which reminds of the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein stance from the Internet, describing it as an imperialist plot.

Following the footsteps of the Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, security services arrested the Libyan activist and former prisoner of conscience, Jamal Al-Hajji, over a fabricated charge of a car accident, similar to the accusations that the Tunisian used to fabricate for dissidents and political activists during his hideous ruling.

The Libyan dictator controls Libya for more than 41 years with a repressive security apparatus. Libya ranked 146 among 178 countries in the international corruption report for the year 2010

The Arabic Network said, “The best thing for Gaddafi is to step down after seizing power against the will of the Libyans for so long. Democracy and freedoms are essential as air, no dictator or security as cruel as they can be could ever deprive people of them.