Libyan MB: Reform Initiatives Are Urgent

In a message published on its official web site, The Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Seleman Abdel Kader praised efforts by Saif el-Islam el-Qadhafi, the head of Qadhafi Foundation for Development to release the detained Brotherhood activities. 
Abdel Kader expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the younger Qadhafi for his prompt efforts and persistent endeavourers to secure the release arrested Brotherhood members along with dozens others of opinion prosinoers in LIbya ” We consider the move a positive step on the way of improving the status of human rights in Libya which, we hope, would contribute to the achievement of reform.” he stated
The Libyan MB’s chair underscored the value of the Reform Initiatives proposed by Saif el-Islam el-Qadhafi at the World Economic Forum in Davos in addition to his historic proposal launched August, 20th, 2005. 
Abdel Kader added that the recent bloody confrontations in Benghazi reflected the need for genuine reform “The general scene requires prompt national reform initiatives in which all willing parties can participate to shape a better and promising future for our dear country”
Similarly, the Libyan Brotherhood’s chairman paid his tribute to a number of human right organizations for their efforts in the release the detainees and political prisoners. The organizations are: the Libyan Association for Human Rights, the Arab Organization for Human Rights, Solidarity Organization for Human Rights, the Libyan Union for Human Rights, and el-Rakeb Organization for Human Rights.  
On March 2nd, Libya released 131 detainees, including 85 of the Brotherhood activists arrested since 1998. In Feb 2002, a People Court ruling, nullified in September 2004, sentenced the group’s previous chairman and his deputy to death while 73 others received a life term.