Libyan MB’s Chairman: al-Gaddafi speech reassures the revolutionary Committees’ men

Libyan MB’s Chairman: al-Gaddafi speech reassures the revolutionary Committees’ men, we ask for real reforms.
Eng. Suleiman Abdul Qader stated to ikhwanweb that the al-Gaddafi hailed Eng. Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi’s initiative, and the most of his speech focused on Saif al-Islam initiative as a way for going out the current crises.
The Libyan MB’s Chairman indicated that the speech also aimed at reassuring the revolutionary committees’ men, whom Saif al-Islam described as the force centers. Abdul Qader added that al-Gaddafi tended to pacify them, assuring that they are not intended either by the force centers or in his son initiative. Mr. Ahmad Ibrahim’s speech – one of the great leaders in revolutionary committees – may confirm this hypothesis.           
Concerning the threats against the caller for reform and political change, the MB’s Chairman said that the current situation requires calling for these matters, because of the state of the political block prevailing in the Libyan society, and it is the right of the Libyan people to witness a free media and independent judgment, in addition to opening the door of freedoms before all to meet the demands of the Libyans.  
In his speech, Muammar al- al-Gaddafi urged his supports to work for the uprooting their enemies and frustrated the hopes his son revived since few days regarding the possibility of making a political reform.
In the 37- anniversary of his assuming office, al-Gaddafi said that who wants to make a political change in Libya means that he thinks that its people is illiterate and not fully developed. He added that the revolution has succeeded, and the world realized its reality and benefited from its results, confirming that he eradicated the enemies who tried to stop him, according to his description, calling his supporters to be ready for facing them if they reemerge.
Al-Gaddafi speech came after a few days of his son’s confirmation that Libya has reached a tight political way, and Tripoli is in need of reforms to be rescued from the Libyan Mafia which monopolizes the power and wealth.       
Some Libyan oppositionists form living abroad considered Saif al-Islam statements as intimation to a political reform. But the Libyan leader continued to say that we should destroy the enemy as soon as he appears, because he reappears just to be destroyed.
In his indication to the 69 revolution against al-Snousi ruling family, he said that when I led the revolution, I did not want it for me, but I want to impose the power of people, confirming that I will not let any one steal it.