• February 1, 2016
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Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Shura Council Statement on Current Crises

Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Shura Council Statement on Current Crises

The Shura Council (SC) of Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood, at the conclusion of its last meeting – of Friday and Saturday January 29 and 30, 2016 – reviewed the serious crises and conditions the country is currently going through. The SC exhorts all the Libyan people as follows:

First: The SC strongly condemns the continued fighting and indiscriminate shelling in the city of Benghazi and deeply regrets the suffering of residents, displaced inside and outside of the city. We call for the cessation of all hostilities, the launch of an objective national dialogue and a commitment to democratic transformation.

Second: The SC urges the Presidential Council in Tunis, the National Congress in Tripoli and the Parliament in Tobruk, to put national interests above all else. This requires agreement on the legislative and executive bodies that will govern the country.

Third: The SC regrets the current political fragmentation among the people of this homeland, which was reflected in the failure to agree on one government to manage the country’s affairs so as to achieve, preserve and progress the homeland’s and the people’s interests. We call on all patriotic national forces – especially Dar Al-Fatwa and the homeland’s scholars – to do their part in bringing people together and reconciling differences, in order to spare the country the horrors of war and foreign intervention.

Fourth: We solemnly salute the General National Congress in Tripoli for modifying existing laws in conformity with the provisions of Sharia.

Fifth: The SC expresses its thanks and gratitude for the efforts of the patriots who seek consensus and reconciliation among the people of this homeland, and praises and appreciates every effort to unite and save the country from attempts of interference in Libya’s affairs and conspiracies to subvert or undermine our people’s national identity, main principles and constants.

God save Libya

Long Live Libya – free, unified, proud

Libyan Muslim Brotherhood

Tripoli: Saturday – January 30, 2016