Lieberman: The 1st round of Washington talks failed

Lieberman: The 1st round of Washington talks failed

NAZARETH, — Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman declared that the first round of the direct negotiations between his occupation state and Palestinian de facto president Mahmoud Abbas miserably failed a few days after they were launched in Washington.

The Israeli media quoted Lieberman as saying during his meeting with members of Yisrael Beiteinu parliamentary bloc that it would be unlikely to reach a comprehensive agreement with the Palestinians over the next year or the next generation.

He said that nothing would be of use including the historic compromises and painful concessions, and expressed his belief that Abbas would not step down as he claimed.

For his part, spokesman for the Egyptian foreign ministry Hossam Zaki said that his country would host the second round of the PA-Israeli talks in Sharm Al-Sheikh on September 14.

He added that the talks would take place between Abbas and Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu in the presence of US secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

In the same context, Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum downplayed the campaign launched by Fatah’s authority under the title “we are your partners” which is intended for addressing Israelis and urging them to move towards peace.

Spokesman Barhoum said in a statement on Sunday that this campaign confirmed that Abbas’s authority went bankrupt in everything and became unable to achieve anything, even if illusions.

He stressed that Abbas’s authority has entered the stage of begging and its dovish campaign further points out that the Israeli government would give nothing at the negotiation table.

The spokesman added that this campaign would be of no use because the Israeli street has extremist tendencies and supports its current government which went too far in its aggression against the Palestinian people.