List of MB Detainees till Wednesday morning Jan, 23rd

List of MB Detainees till Wednesday morning Jan, 23rd

Egyptian security authorities launched on Wednesday at dawn Jan, 23rd, 2008, wide scale sweeps of arrests that included governorates of Giza , Gharbiya, Kafr Al-Sheikh, Alexandria, Dakahlia, in a crackdown that aims to round up Muslim Brotherhood top  popular and political figures.
Up to 170 MB leaders and members were detained including:
Governorate of Giza

1- Dr. Saad Zaghloul, Secretary-General of Cairo”s Doctors” Syndicate
2-Dr. Magdi Abdou, deputy treasurer of Egyptian syndicate of pharmacists
3- Dr. Ali Battikh, a member of Giza Doctors” Union
4- Sayed Saleh, MB candidate in 2007 Shura Council elections
5- Mohamed Al Feqi, MB candidate in 2007 Shura Council elections
6- Dr. Ahmed Ismail, a physician
7- Dr. Ezzat Sabri, a doctor
8- Eng. Anwar Shaltout, an engineer
9-Eng. Gomaah Al Badri, an engineer
10- Ahmed Abdul Wahab, a businessman
11-Eng. Shokri Heiba, an engineer
12- Dr. Hossam Shendi, a doctor
13- Okasha Abbad, MB candidate in 2005 People”s Assembly elections
14-Dr Sayed Ayyad, a physician
15-Abdul Aziz Mohamed Abdul Aziz Al Sersawi, an electrician
Governorate of Gharbiay

Dr. Taha Abu Zeid, professor at agricultural research institute
Reda Al Saqqa, office manager of MP Ali Laban
Hazem Al Hamshari, a businessman
Mohamed Mazroua, a school principal
Abdullah Hamed, a teacher
Fathi Al Awedi, office manager of MP Hassanein Al Shoura
Osama Talaat, a student
Sameh Shalabi, a student
Gamal Kholaif, a pensioner
Gamal Al Shazli
Maher Hammad, director of Mahalla bakeries authority
Shehata Ibrahim Abdul Razek, an executive at Ameriya institute
Rajab Abdul Razek Hamed, working at the General Authority for cotton planning and testing.
Governorate of Kafr Al-Sheikh

In Kafr El Sheikh Governate, the actual number of arrests is yet to be known. However, the arrests included businessman Mohamed Kamel Sharaf, a  member of Businessmen”s Association, merchant Abdul Hamid Mohsen while the house of Abu Al Wafa Hegazi- owner of Al-Wafaa company was raided.
Governorate of Alexandria
In Alexandria, state security forces arrested:
Omar Mostafa Mohamed (son of Mostafa Mohamed, a member of the People”s Assembly for the constituency Al-Muntazah)
Brothers Ahmed Salah and Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Ibrahim.
Governorate of Dakahliya

Ashraf Fohaid
Ahmed Al Khouli
Abdou Al Morshedi
Tawfiq Al-Farrash
Youssef Saada
Essam Hassan Al Husseini
Tarek Mohamed Abdul Aziz
Al-Sayyed Al- Dumiati
Samir Abdul Wahab
Mohamed Al Shabrawi
Adel Mohamed Abdul Aziz
Mahmoud Al Beheiri
Walid El Gamil