London-based MB leader: Egyptian Revolution Will Affect Relations with Israel

London-based MB leader: Egyptian Revolution Will Affect Relations with Israel

Senior London-based MB leader, Mohammad Ghanem said this revolution would not be called a success unless it spreads throughout the entire Middle East and Muslim world. When Egyptians say we should attain independence and should finalize the relations between Egypt and Israel, but that is considered wrong as it will take us back to the same position we were in originally.

The Egyptian revolution should not only promote the ‘Ummah’ as one but also change Israel’s policy towards the rights of the Palestinian people, he says.

In exclusive statements to the official English website of the Muslim Brotherhood "Ikhwanweb", Ghanem said that the Egyptian revolution brought about radical changes in both internal and external affairs, as well as Egypt’s international relations.

Egyptians are moving towards a new Egypt. Now when we say new Egypt, it has two elements, the internal one and the external one.

By this revolution we have to aim to bring back the united Ummah as it was before, then one of the objectives is to bring back the earlier more united Ummah together and when you attain that healthy political mood, then the relation with Israel has to change, and Israel has to respect the rights of the Palestinian people as a part of the whole area.

After that we can regain the balance which can give the Palestinian people a fair deal and make the whole region stable, but talking again about national security for the Egyptian regime all these slogans will put us back, and for this revolution to succeed and gain the fruit from it, we must complete until the external affect is felt in the whole Middle East. I am not saying make the whole Middle East one country, no! With all its courtiers, they have to bring the entity of the nation again.

When you get the entity of the nations with healthy political and repairing the structure in the whole area, then you can talk about a new era, internally and externally and worldwide.

Asked about Mubarak, Ghanem said the case now has become completely legal. Whichever prison the general persecutor put him in or put him in Sharm el-Sheikh, it is a legal process. In my opinion, I would see that it is dangerous to put Mubarak in Tura prison where all his government and most of the national parties are; [that would be] putting or helping the old gangs to get together, God knows what the outcome will be.

It is very wise, regardless of Mr. Mubarak’s health, to keep him away, and also to divide those gangs into more than one prisoner to remove any chance for them to get together, maybe to plan another conspiracy or whatever those people are capable of doing.