London stops processing passports for its citizens in Israel

London stops processing passports for its citizens in Israel

The British ministry of foreign affairs decided to stop the issuance and renewal of passports for its citizens in its consulate-general in Israel after it was convinced that the Mossad used Britons’ passports in assassinating a senior Hamas official in Dubai.

The Jerusalem Post newspaper quoted a spokesman for the British consulate as saying that the resolution will come into effect on the third of May and all applications for renewing and issuing passports will be mailed to the French city of Paris.

According to this resolution, the British consulate in Israel can only issue emergency travel documents and process other personal documents such as birth certificates for its citizens.

The British government decided to change the procedures of traveling to Israel and updated its travel advice in this regard.

British foreign secretary David Miliband said in a special session in the House of Commons that his ministry would take strict measures and follow new techniques to prevent passport fraud and ensure the security of its citizens.