London Student Officers Condemn Funjoya “Festival”

London Student Officers Condemn Funjoya “Festival”

We strongly condemn the Israeli government’s disgraceful attempt to
whitewash their crimes against the Palestinians with their “student
festival” Funjoya.

We are not surprised that students are considered a “target group” by
Israel; in London we were out in our thousands opposing the war crimes in
Gaza in 2009, when we marched on the streets and occupied our universities
demanding action from our Universities and Government. More and more
students across Europe are joining the international movement in
solidarity with the Palestinians, especially since we witnessed on our TV
screens the slaughter of aid activists on a humanitarian ship to Gaza.


What state uses special commando troops to attack a civilian aid boat in
international waters? How could we possibly encourage our students to
attend a festival organised by such a state? A state responsible for the
brutal siege on the people of Gaza, the continued military occupation, and
expansion of illegal settlements, in the West Bank. A state responsible
for the discrimination of Palestinians living in Israel, including the
ethnic cleansing taking place to this very day in the Negev. How many
students from these communities will be attending “Funjoya”?

We join you in your call for students to boycott this festival. Not only
will we not be attending, but will also be encouraging our fellow students
in London to join us in boycotting this attempt to hide the crimes of
apartheid and occupation.

In solidarity,


Clare Solomon, President, University of London Union
James Haywood, Campaigns and Communications Officer, Goldsmiths Students’
Arfah Farooq, Black and Ethnic Officer, Goldsmiths Students’ Union
Sean Rillo Raczka, Union Chair, Birkbeck Students’ Union
Ashok Kumar, Education Officer, LSE Students’ Union
Jasper Kain Co-President Sports and Societies, SOAS Students’ Union
Elly Badcock, Secretary, SOAS Students’ Union
Milaad Rajai, Co-President Welfare and Education, SOAS Students’ Union

Mark Bergfeld, National Union Students, National Executive Committee
Hanif Leylabi National Union Students, LGBT Committee

All signatories write in a personal capacity.