• Lebanon
  • July 26, 2006
  • 12 minutes read

Look If You Dare (Warning: Very Graphic Pictures)



MiddleEast.Org – MER – Washington – 25 July 2006:     Call it Lebanon’s 9/11; call it Israel’s (and America’s) War on the Arabs and Muslims of 2006; call it the opening phases of a kind of new World War which may soon escalate to Syria and Iran (as the US and Israel appear to want) and maybe beyond (as they probably do not want).  Or even call it the various misleading terms and phrases the Israeli appologists and propagandists do; or what the simplistic American President and misguided Congress do.  

But whatever you call it, look carefully and closely at the pictures. 

Whatever you call it now remember the pictures for in the future those now so miserably bleeding and suffering will understandably try to do horrible things tomorrow to those who are responsible for doing these things today.




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