Maat Asks: Are the Ends of Thousands Egyptian Youth Will Be Like That of Saed Ragab?

Maat Asks: Are the Ends of Thousands Egyptian Youth Will Be Like That of Saed Ragab?

Saeid Ragab…a victim of repression and detention policy practiced by the security bodies in Egypt…He is a young man , 28 years old, married and sustainer of a young girl, he was detained about eight months before, because of the same reason that Ministry of Interior detained thousands of young men because of it, merely suspicion. As a result of this he was arrested for about three months in one of the security bodies’ headquarters to questioning him without informing his relatives about his place. When it was proved that he is not guilty of any accusation to be sent for judiciary so he was sent to Abo Zaabal Jail, and because of what he faces of actions humiliate dignity and violate all human rights he tried to suicide more than once…by electricity…by drinking iodine tincture after which he was sent to the jail’s hospital…finally he hung himself.

His mother said that she watch torture signals on his body, in her final visit to him the victim confessed that officers of security body tortured him with electricity, removed his nails, struck him, insult him, and put him in solitary confinement for a long period.

His father added:” Saed was not the only one tortured but we also were tortured…by detaining him because of nothing, he was not affiliated to any political trend or Islamic groups, by preventing us from visiting him except for minutes did not exceed quarter an hour, by seeing clear signals of torture on his body although we are sure that he is not guilty which insured by judgment’s reports issued to release him but the Ministry of Interior ignored them”

These was some overall views  of the reality of Saed Ragab’s detention, his case is a model of what happened with thousands of young people inside detention camps and  jails’ walls in Egypt may be without some details, except the systematic and experiential methods  applied in dealing with those youth, the examples are much more:

-Aadel Ahmed Al Saeid – married and sustainer- suffer form health problems; heart diseases-pectoral allergy- kidney problems…detained from 2842003-was transferred from more than six detention camps the end of which was the New Valley Jail- till now he is in the solitary confinement and prevented from visiting for more than a year.

-Esam Mohamed Saad -young man in the third decade- detained on 1742005 – has many judgmental release reports which did not executed. During less than two weeks he was transferred form New Valley Detention Camp to the security body’s branch in Qena -then to Borg El Arab Jail  after that to Damanhor jail, and finally to Al Fayoom Jail.

-Ibraheem Al Desoqy Mohamed Al Shennawy -married and sustainer of two children-detained from 942995- transferred to many detention camps and in Damanhor Jail he had a severe nervous breakdown as a result of torture and because of that he was sent to the jail’s hospital, lately he was transferred to AL Fayoom Jail.

-Khaled Mohamed Abd El Rahman – married and sustainer…detained on 452005 after Al Azhar blasts -suffered from many diseases like kidney problems, gristly sliding, and skin diseases.

-Salah Ibrahem Mohamed Abd El Rahman-married and sustainer-detained on 452005 from Libya, he was sent to Egypt and was accused in Al Azhar Blasts’ case-case number 9 of 2007 felonies of high security body ”emergency” a judicial report assured his guiltless but he still detained in Al Marg Jail. The center received his appeal because of the impure water and food in this jail as a result of the draining explosion and the law level of healthy care.

-Tamer Al Saeid Al Moselhy-detained on 942005- he was sent away form his relatives as he is detained in New Valley Jail while his relatives’ resident in Shobra AL Khema- he suffers from health problems kidney diseases, skin diseases along with his very bad mentality.

-Mohamed Ahmed Abd El Basset Awees, Mohamed Saleh Abd Al Aziz, Shadi Zahen Zaeed Mohsen, Ali Hessen Mohamed Ali, Ahmed Hamed Mahmood Meshaal…and much more.

Relatives of many detainees represented appeals and complain to the center and asked about their sons’ and husbands’ end in jails and detention camps…especially as the official reports asserted that this file will be closed through releasing all detainees, but numbers of the released in comparison with continuous detentions till now disproof that.

Sir, minister of interior: you have the answers of those questions, especially as Saeid Ragab accident regarded as a real alert about the danger to let detention file in Egypt open without supervision or asking of those who are responsible for it. The suppression case dedicated by random detention policy represented direct violation of all rights and freedoms provided by the Egyptian constitution, and regarded as an ignorance of all international charters Egypt signed and has to oblige to. The result of all these will be more alike accidents.

The release of this file will not be but through ending dealing with Martial law  in Egypt which announcing continued for quarter a century, releasing all detainees who are not trailed before fair judgments, and through open the door of investigation in all accidents regarded as violation of rights and freedoms provided by the Egyptian constitution and to ask those who are responsible…Let’s start with Saed Ragab’s suicide.