MAB Press Release about Libya

MAB Press Release about Libya

The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) is in agreement with the enforcement of the no-fly in Libya, by Britain and its allies in order to protect Libyan civilians from being murdered by its cruel dictator Qaddafi. However this certainly raises serious concerns about the end game of such resolution:

 1. To enforce a no-fly zone all over Libya against the war planes of both Qaddafi and the forces of the people of the Libyan revolution. Hence at best we would get a cease fire between both sides that would lead to each side controlling two parts of Libya, thus risking ending up with a divided Libya.

 2. The enforcement of an embargo by sea, air and land. Being against arming any side in Libya, whilst Qaddafi militias are armed to the teeth, could lead to him being safeguarded. Therefore Qaddafi will be essential in becoming a legitimate partner alongside his sons in negotiation for any hope for the future of having a peaceful Libya.

In consequence it is imperative for the Libyan people to receive assurances from the security council members and in particular the UK, the US and France that in no circumstances Libya would be forced to be divided.

As well as that, the impunity will not be benefited in favour of those having committed war crimes, or crimes against humanity in Libya.

“The Muslim Association of Britain”(MAB) recognizes the deteriorating situations in both Bahrain and Yemen and expresses its unconditional support for the rights of the people in these respective countries. Yet, it believes that the seriousness of the situation in Libya is unique and that Yemen seems to be joining Libya, where the heads of their states are apparently killing their people in order to remain illegitimately in power against the will of their people.

MAB salutes the British armed forces for their role in helping the Libyan people.[END]

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