• May 10, 2009

Mahalla & Shibin Textile Workers demand independent syndicates

Mahalla & Shibin Textile Workers demand independent syndicates

Yousri Bayyoumi, member of the MB parliamentary bloc emphasized that the Labor Day this year came after a series of protests, strikes and successful sit-ins extracted some of labor demands out of employer mouths

He stressed in a conference for honor 43 labor Union leaders at the Press Syndicate yesterday the need for workers to know their rights, and how to capture their rights. They must learn strike so as to be able to achieve their demands, calling on workers to unite word to be the driving force against owners of capital.

labor leader Kamal Abu Eita said that labor movements refer to two demands; first to provide the minimum wage, while the second to establish an independent trade unions, especially after the surprising victory achieved by the staff of real estate taxes, who are setting as a good example of the Egypt’s labor movement hammering the first nail in the coffin of Pro-regime Trade Union.

Hundreds of Mahalla & Shebin Textile Workers stand in protest following the conference demanding to set up independent trade unions, reflecting their problems and achieve their dreams along the lines of the syndicate representing employees of real estate taxes, threatening to continue staging sit-ins and protests; so as their demands be fulfilled.

They denounced that a group of stakeholders control Egyptian General Union of Workers to the extent that it has become the mouthpiece of the government not for workers.

The workers chanted slogans such as: “the Strike is legal …against poverty and hunger”, “Those in Al-Gala street … Not union candidates but Agents,” ” The Syndicate is an independent… against tapped Authority “. They chanted against ailing GFTU, as they traded.