• MB News
  • August 11, 2008
  • 7 minutes read

Mahdy Akef: Freedom Requires Sacrifice

Mahdy Akef: Freedom Requires Sacrifice

In his weekly message, Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Chairman Mohamed Mahdy Akef said that the criteria for any nation’s development is its regime’s reverence of constitution and the rule of law, and that the Egyptian people are responsible for leading the way for change in the Arab and Muslim worlds.


Akef said that the advancement of any nation must be judged by its reverence for the constitution that the people have accepted by their free will, respect for the rule of law established by a council that has been elected fairly and transparently, executing the rulings of an independent judiciary, as well as the responsibility of the ruler to unite the country and respect its will.


“These foundations have been, and will continue to be the criteria for a nation’s advancement throughout history,” he said.


Akef urged the Egyptian people and the Arab and Muslim nations to be proactive in the face of rising challenges, and not to give in to the despair that despotism has left in their souls.  


“Let your strong faith in God and the pages of history be your guides to overcome frustration and despair in the face of change. Only then, will the values of attaining freedom rise in the souls.  Courage will be a foundation for speaking up the truth and confronting tyranny; rescuing the oppressed will become a form of worship that draws Muslims closer to God; and moving forward towards building a free society based on the foundation of equality will become the single legitimate means in achieving the desired goal.”


Akef added that the Egyptian people have a prime duty to make the dreams of today the realities of tomorrow, so long as the conditions above are met. They should take the initiative for change in the Arab and Muslim worlds, empowered by their wealth of civilization that qualifies them to take on their duty towards their nation by leading the way.



However, Akef said that the road to change is not easy, and that the interior and exterior forces of despotism will not surrender easily.


“Freedom is not gifted and the sky will not rain democracy over subservient people who let go of their rights and neglect their duties.  People must be aware that their ability to live a free and dignified life depends on their faith in their right to live that life.”


“So let the true, strong, and free word, and the will of reform be the weapons people use to resist despotism and corruption,” he added.