Mahmoud Abbas: Genuine Hamas Reconciliation, Ending Jerusalem Judaization Top Priorities

Mahmoud Abbas: Genuine Hamas Reconciliation, Ending Jerusalem Judaization Top Priorities

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), met with Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), Palestinian Authority Chairman, at his residence in Heliopolis – Cairo, on Monday evening, 2nd of April 2012. The meeting discussed Palestinian-Egyptian relations and the importance of supporting Palestinian reconciliation efforts during the current stage.

As Palestinian President Abbas welcomed the FJP Chairman Dr. Morsi, he hailed the vital role that Egypt plays in the region – especially supporting the Palestinian cause throughout the ages – and expressed his determination to achieve Palestinian reconciliation. Abbas also spoke about the risks facing the Holy City of Jerusalem and the dangers of Judaization that deface Jerusalem and threaten to obliterate the original historical Arabic nature and the traditional Islamic identity of the Holy City.

For his part, Dr. Morsi asserted that the FJP puts the Palestinian issue at the forefront of its interests, because it is an issue linked to the national security of Egypt and the Arab and Muslim world. He highlighted the importance of overcoming the differences between Palestinian factions, working to complete national reconciliation efforts, and ending the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip. These, he added, are key stepping stones on the way of defending Al-Aqsa Mosque and liberating the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Further, the FJP Chairman said that the Palestinian issue and the siege of Gaza were two key factors in sparking Egypt’s January 25 Revolution, which confirms the great importance of the Palestinian cause to the Egyptian Government and all the Egyptian people. Dr. Morsi added that this prompted FJP members in the People’s Assembly and Shura Council to push for lifting the siege on the Gaza Strip, and the visit by the Egyptian parliament’s Arab Affairs Committee to Gaza.

This, the FJP Chairman added, was meant to confirm Egypt’s resolve to proceed on the way of ending the siege until it is completely lifted. This is also why Egypt is keen on supporting the people of Gaza with electricity and diesel fuel and other necessities of life and dignified living. Dr. Morsi also pointed that members of Egyptian People’s Assembly have engaged many parliamentary mechanisms to warn of the danger of Judaization operations carried out in the Holy City of Jerusalem.