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  • November 28, 2012
  • 8 minutes read

Mahmoud Ezzat: No Justification for Alliance with Dissolved National Party Officials or Thugs

Mahmoud Ezzat: No Justification for Alliance with Dissolved National Party Officials or Thugs

 Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, Vice-Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, urged all political parties and stakeholders to put the higher interests of Egypt ahead of all else, stressing that the country’s new constitution would end disputes and eliminate the chaos, once everyone is familiar with its articles.

During an interview on the satellite TV channel ‘Misr 25’, Dr. Ezzat said: “I appreciate and respect all the judges of Egypt. I believe they have the right to express their opinions. Certainly, national accord between the judges and the President ultimately serves the interests of Egypt.

Ezzat stressed that the will of the people is above the judiciary, legislative and executive, adding that all political parties are involved in the situation through which Egypt is now passing, and President Morsi does not bear the responsibility for that alone.

The deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood demanded of the judiciary to keep away from politics. Addressing the judges of Egypt, he said: "Do not besiege the people of Egypt with judicial decisions that hinder the reform process".

He added that the Brotherhood’s objective is to serve the best interest of the homeland; and expressed his hope for Egypt to move forward without any more delay, "The fruits of the revolution are democracy and freedom. Every citizen has the right of expression and the right to oppose the decisions of state officials.

"I appeal to everyone to abide by the ethics of the Egyptian revolution, not to deviate from the peaceful nature of that revolution, to pay no attention to rumors circulating in dubious media out to create chaos and confusion in the Egyptian street. In fact, I appeal to print and broadcast media outlets to commit to professional standards of honor and accuracy."

On the Constituent Assembly (CA) tasked with writing Egypt’s first post-revolution national charter, Ezzat affirmed that there is no disagreement within the CA, adding that those who say they withdrew from the charter-writing panel have in fact already signed their approval of the articles of the Constitution and given their opinions freely, "they simply want to impose their own opinions on the majority".

He went on to say, "What remains under discussion now is a set of 20 articles of the new constitution, which will soon see the light of day. The point of contention now is only about the wording. And I call on all political forces to engage in consultation, discussion and consensus on Egypt’s new constitution and to provide alternatives for texts they object to.

"Those objecting to the recent Constitutional Declaration Article II, which immunizes the president’s decrees, either ignore or are unaware of the fact that it covers only sovereign decisions."

The Brotherhood deputy head continued saying, "Everyone has the right to object to the President, but there is no justifying alliance with Mubarak-era remnants and thugs. As for the Ministry of Interior withdrawing its forces from the street – especially in Gharbiya province and in Alexandria – and Beheira before them… this is strange and shameful. I do call on the Interior Ministry to do its job and save lives as well as public and private property".

As for his expectations at the moment, Ezzat read God’s Words: "So, pardon them, ask forgiveness for them, consult with them in the conduct of affairs, and once you are resolved, put your trust in God. For God loves those who put their trust in Him" (Quran, 3: 159).

Ezzat then appealed to all Egyptians to unite, enforce their will, show concern for the public interest, engage in dialogue, discussion and consultation, and make room for all to join the democratic process.

In conclusion, Ezzat said: "Go forth boldly, Mr. President, in what you believe will best serve this country. The Supreme Judicial Council must also work in the service of Egypt. Everyone must unite and close ranks and refrain from any action likely to damage or destroy this homeland".