Mahmoud Ghozlan: Muslim Brotherhood Constantly Calls for Dialogue

Mahmoud Ghozlan: Muslim Brotherhood Constantly Calls for Dialogue

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, a Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, said that political competition to gain confidence of the people is the goal that political forces must seek in order for the rotation of power system to work. He further rejected the idea of monopolizing the political arena with which certain parties are trying to charge the Brotherhood.

Dr. Ghozlan said that he launched an initiative for dialogue, during a televised interview with TV presenter Amr Laithi, pointing out that this is not the first time for the Brotherhood to launch initiatives for dialogue. He added that, "The group has already held five conferences for national dialogue at the Brotherhood’s headquarters, including four conferences in the days of Mubarak regime, involving all political forces – from the extreme right to the far left".

Ghozlan also said that the political forces started hostilities against the Muslim Brotherhood in a one-sided struggle for power, adding that: "This conflict is not honest, because it is based on bullying, thuggery and murder, not on difference of opinions".

In another televised interview, on the TV channel Nile Life, Ghozlan reiterated that consensus and harmony were the bases of the Brotherhood’s approach in the formation of the Constituent Assembly, which was formed with the consent of all parties in accordance with the terms of the Constitution.

"The will of the people is above all else. The last word is the people’s. It is the people who decide whether the Brotherhood’s popularity has increased or decreased. Strong opposition will force the government to improve and act with precision.

"More than any other group, party or movement, the Brotherhood was repressed and persecuted for 80 years. Now, other political forces need to communicate with the people directly, rather than showing off on talk shows their hatred of the Muslim Brotherhood because it has such a great following."

On another subject, Ghozlan assured, "The Brotherhood’s finance – which enables the group to connect with the poor classes and solve their problems – comes from its own members’ pockets. The Brotherhood does not accept financing from anyone else.

"Those who speak of annulment of the Constitution simply reject the will of the people and the concept of democracy, especially since the Constitution provides legitimate ways to amend its terms and articles."

Ghozlan further pointed that the Brotherhood has nothing to do with appointing or dismissing ministers, asserting that rumors claiming the Brotherhood intervened to dismiss the Interior Minister were totally unfounded.

"The truth is: the Muslim Brotherhood is the subject of many vilifying media myths and fabrications on a daily basis."