Mahmoud Ghozlan: Brotherhood Condemns Headquarter Clashes

Mahmoud Ghozlan: Brotherhood Condemns Headquarter Clashes

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, Muslim Brotherhood leader, reiterated the group’s respect for the media and honorable journalists "who broadcast the truth honestly, objectively and professionally. We certainly help them perform their noble mission".

In a formal statement regarding the attack on Brotherhood headquarters in Moqattam Saturday, Dr. Ghozlan said: "We support the right of peaceful protest and demonstration, which does not include use of physical or verbal violence against institutions, persons or property, as we invariably renounce violence and all actions that lead to violence."

He further said that anonymous groups on social networking sites called protests outside the Brotherhood’s main office, although the previous days witnessed similar calls that ended in violence, where police arrested so-called protesters red-handed, in possession of Molotov cocktail fire-bombs.

"However, the situation was differed this time, where a number of demonstrators devoted their efforts to insulting and cursing the Muslim Brotherhood and its leadership using the dirtiest swear-words, provoking our young people in front of their headquarters. Absurdly, some journalists and photographers – supposedly there to cover the demonstration – actually took active part in acts of provocation, thus becoming major players in the events rather than just observers. This caused limited clashes that we condemn completely.

"I call on everyone to commit to peaceful protest, to refrain from assaulting people, or attacking buildings and institutions, and to uphold law and order and public moral standards."