Major Islamic Orgs. Express Solidarity With Palestinians

Leaders of organizations, party chairmen and prominent figures in the Muslim world, topped by the Muslim Brotherhood, released a statement on October 14, 2006, rejecting pressure exerted by the quartet commission, the broker in the Middle East peace process, on the Hamas -led government since it was formed on March 29, 2006.

The undersigned of this statement included MB Chairman Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, his First Deputy Dr. Mohamed Habib, former Egyptian Prime Minister Dr. Aziz Sedqi, prominent Writer with Daily Al Ahram Mr. Fahmi Howaidy, General Secretary of the Arab Physicians’ Union Dr. Abd El Moneum Abo El fotouh, as well as a large number of political figures and religious organizations from Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.

The statement criticized the unjust conditions which the quartet imposed on the Palestinian government as a prerequisite for lifting the economic embargo. These conditions include mainly the recognition of the state of Israel, abiding by the agreements signed by the prior Fattah led government with Israel, and end to the armed struggle against the Zionist occupiers of Palestine.

The statement added that such conditions are an attempt to pressure the Palestinian government led by Hamas to relinquish the rights of the Palestinian people and the constants of the Muslim nation in Palestine.

The statement also depicted the embargo as a political blackmail to force the Palestinian government to accept such unjust conditions, which illustrates, if accepted, a betrayal of the Palestinian cause and “confer on the Zionist usurper the mantle of legitimacy “ according to the statement.

Part of the statement read as follows:

We express our unequivocal support of the steadfast position of the Palestinian government which refuses to relinquish its people’s rights and withstands the embargo in spite of the stifling economic pressures.

 While we applaud the position of the Palestinian people, we call on the Arab and Muslim nation as well as all people of the free world to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and to mark the last Friday of Ramadan, October 20, 2006, as a day of using all peaceful means to protests these unfair and biased conditions imposed on the Palestinian people. We also call them to pressure their governments to play a role in lifting the embargo on the Palestinian people and provide all material and moral support for our brothers in Palestine especially during Ramadan, the month of solidarity and charity.