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  • October 15, 2005
  • 4 minutes read

Makhuan Asks Opposing Powers to Unify to Fight Corruption

Makhuan Asks Opposing Powers to Unify to Fight Corruption

Makhuan Asks Opposing Powers to Unify to Fight Corruption
Ikhwan online
Abdel Aziz Makhuan, an actor and a political activist, urged all opposing powers to unite themselves to attain unified goals; to fight corruption and deposition and to improve the living conditions, in Egypt. They should be occupied by these targets instead of criticizing the Moslem Brotherhood.

In his speech delivered to the gather that was attending the annual Ramadan breakfast arranged by the Moslem Brotherhood, Makhuan criticized some opposing powers which make distance between themselves and the Moslem Brotherhood besides their lack of knowledge about its ideologies regards some controversial issues, Christians and the right of women to hold high positions.


He added that the priority of these opposing powers should be given to withstand the totalitarian system, to resist corruption and the idea of rule inheritance, to punish the president for his grave errors.


He remarked that the negative approach of some sides regards the Moslem Brotherhood is unfortunately similar to the stance and hypothesis of some enemies of the nation. Subsequently, this approach hinders the long-desired reform, in Egypt.


As for the political detainees, Makhuan requested the government to proclaim the real numbers of detainees and prisoners in Egypt; it may soars to 25.000 political detainees, according to some sources, among them is Dr. Essam el-Eriaan.


Makhuan cast light on the importance of Sudan issue. He pointed to the dangers of Mashcos Agreement on the Sudanese territorial integrity and its connection to the Egyptian national security. He also condemned the silence of the official authorities in Egypt and the Arab world, in this respect.