Mandela Institute: Israel uses prohibited interrogation means against prisoners

Mandela Institute: Israel uses prohibited interrogation means against prisoners

The Mandela institute for human rights revealed Monday that Israeli interrogators use prohibited investigation means with the Palestinian prisoners in the Jalame prison including the intensive use of lie detector tests, adding that the prisoners are denied any visits by lawyers and the Red Cross, and some of them are isolated and threatened with punishing and detaining their relatives.

In a report received by the PIC, the institute said that the prison administration prevented its lawyer from meeting prisoners Shaker Abu Awwad and Tayseer Nubani at the pretext that their visit was prohibited by the Israeli intelligence and told him that other prisoners had been taken to the Megiddo prison.

The report touched on the suffering of prisoner Fadi Al-Barri who had been exposed to various forms of harsh interrogation since his arrest on 12/1/2009. Barri told the Mandela institute that he was kidnapped without reason from his truck near his town after tying his hands and blindfolding him.

He said that since the first moment, he had been locked up in a solitary cell and subjected to ongoing investigation shifts and lie detector tests during which Israeli officers threatened him with arresting his fiancée because of having nothing to confess, adding that he was also threatened with issuing a long prison sentence against him if he did not cooperate. 

The Mandela institute appealed to the Red Cross and human rights organizations to break the restrictions imposed on visiting detainees in the Jalame prison and to follow up the Israeli violations against them.

The ministry of prisoners” affairs reported Monday that the IOF troops kidnapped last January during the Israeli war on Gaza more than 530 citizens from both Gaza and the West Bank.

In a press statement received by the PIC, Riyadh Al-Ashqar, the director of the information office in the ministry, said that 200 of the abductees are from Gaza and were kidnapped during the Israeli invasion of the areas adjacent to Gaza city.

Ashqar added that the abductees included five women and 50 children, most of them were beaten on detention by IOF troops.

The Palestinian official noted that the administrations of Israeli jails took advantage of the international preoccupation with the war on Gaza and escalated its violations against prisoners.