• MB News
  • June 21, 2007
  • 2 minutes read

Mansoura Prosecution Jails 11 MBs 15 More Days

Mansoua prosecution ordered detention of several Muslim Brotherhood (MB) members prolonged on charge of belonging to the Egyptian moderate group and supporting its candidates in the elections, said MB lawyer in Mansoura.
The MB lawyer pointed out that this is the third time in which this group appears before the prosecution since May, 22th, 2007.
The MB members whose detention is prolonged are:
Sayed Talaat
Abdul Hamid Abdul Wahab
Mohamed Amr
Mahmoud Gad
Karam Al-Deen Moawad
Ali Mohamed Al Agmi
Abdullah Abdul Qader
Mahmoud Sonbol Shatta
Mahmoud Othman
Hossam Al Shennawi.
Saad Ahmed Al Hasanayn appeared separately in front of Mansoura court.
While detainees were appearing before prosecution, their families and many other sympathizers held a vigil in solidarity with them. However, the security forces clashed with them to prevent them from seeing or waving to the detainees. The major general seized cameras and deleted shots that show any police element and threatened with driving them out.
At 5.00AM, our hours after appearing before it, the prosecution ordered their detention prolonged 15 more days pending trial .
In a related context, dentist Maysara Qadri was released after detaining him since last week’s Shura Council elections in front of the vote count committees following a quarrel between him and the National Party chair in Dakahlia, Mostafa Aql.