Maqdisi exposes Israeli occupation plans to demolish Jerusalem homes

Maqdisi exposes Israeli occupation plans to demolish Jerusalem homes

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Maqdisi Organisation exposed on Thursday a detailed map issued by the occupation’s municipality in Jerusalem on 28th December 2009 showing Palestinian homes in the holy city which are earmarked for demolition.

The map showed houses in the Silwan and neighbouring suburbs against which demolition orders have been issued by the Zionist municipality.

In a press conference held in Ramallah, the organisation exposed Israeli occupation plans to demolish 312 Palestinian residential buildings, which means the demolition of hundreds of residential units.

The map showed a circle around 88 buildings in the Bustan neighbourhood in Silwan which are slated for demolition which will make 1500 Palestinians homeless.

The organisation also said that instead of their Arabic names, Hebrew names were used in the map for the suburbs slated for ethnic cleansing by the Zionist occupation municipality.

The organisation expressed concern that the demolition orders could be implemented any time leaving thousands of  Jerusalemite Palestinians homeless, stressing that such acts by the occupation are racist and fall in line with the occupation’s policy of ethnically cleansing the holy city.

Taher al-Nemri, head of Maqdisi Organisation, called on the Arab League, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference and all concerned parties to pressure the occupation to stop its racist policies in the holy city.

He added that the international community cannot carry on treating Israel as entity above international law and humanitarian and ethical standards and called on the United Nations to fulfil its obligations towards the holy city.