Maqdisi society exposes Israeli plan to demolish more Palestinian homes in O.J.

Maqdisi society exposes Israeli plan to demolish more Palestinian homes in O.J.

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM — The Maqdisi society said on Thursday that it possesses an important document revealing the intention of the Israeli occupation authority to demolish 40 Palestinian homes in the occupied city of Jerusalem by the year end.

In a statement it issued in this regard, and a copy of which was obtained by the PIC, the society pointed out that the document includes a list of names and locations of the homes that would be demolished, adding that the four Palestinian homes that were demolished last week in the city’s suburbs of Beit Haninan, Sur Baher and Al-Thawry were part of the list.

However, the society explained that all the homes that are on the list were populated, and that demolishing them would turn tens of Palestinian Jerusalemite families homeless.

Nevertheless, the society suggested the establishment of a legal body comprising experts, engineers, and architects that should immediately start making detailed plans for all Palestinian suburbs but stressed that a strong Arab and international role must be introduced in support of the Palestinian Jerusalemites.

Furthermore, the society invited Arab and Muslim businessmen and investors to invest in the property market in the city, and to establish an Arab-Muslim fund that would finance the construction of housing projects and give easy loans for administrative expenses.

Hundreds of Palestinian homes have been demolished in the city by the IOA, and thousands of Palestinian Jerusalemites have been forced out of their homes over the past few years as part of the Israeli policy to change the demographic structure in the city in favor of Jewish settlers.