• July 3, 2013
  • 4 minutes read

Martyrs and Wounded Fall as Thugs Ambush Pro-Morsi Mass Rallies in Egypt Provinces

Martyrs and Wounded Fall as Thugs Ambush Pro-Morsi Mass Rallies in Egypt Provinces

As twenty provinces of Egypt witnessed mass rallies in support for democracy and electoral legitimacy, condemning a coup against elected President Mohamed Morsi, hired thugs attacked demonstrators with birdshot, burned Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and Muslim Brotherhood headquarters.

In Banha, Mohsen Radi, Secretary of the FJP in Qaliubiya, was wounded, on Tuesday evening, after a group of thugs beat him during mass demonstrations. He was rescued by military police and security forces.

Another group of thugs broke into Brotherhood headquarters in Atrib and set fire to the entire building, while yet another mob of thugs stormed FJP headquarters in the same city.

Two supporters of President Morsi (Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed and Nasr Farag Ali) were killed when thugs fired at them live bullets from buildings in Tharwat Street, in Cairo.

Hundreds were also injured when thugs attacked their mass rally as it passed in the same street – on its way to Nahda Square, outside Cairo University.

In Fayoum Governorate, armored police vehicles fired live bullets, birdshot and tear gas at an Islamist march near Masalla Square in support of President Mohamed Morsi, injuring dozens of pro-democracy, pro-Morsi protesters.

Dozens of supporters of President Morsi in an Arab tribes march, in western Alexandria, were injured when and remnants of the dissolved National Democratic Party (NDP) and Tamarod (Rebel) thugs attacked them. The injured were transferred to Agami General Hospital.

More NDP and Rebel thugs ambushed a pro-Morsi march in Beheira governorate, seriously injuring two Kafr El-Dawwar residents in the head, and then fled quickly seeing that increasing numbers of Morsi supporters were coming to join the 15 thousand-strong march.

Mass demonstrations, in cars and on foot, began in 20 governorates including Alexandria, Minya, Matrouh, Sharqiya, Beheira, Fayoum, Ismailia and Qena.

More than a thousand preachers from the ‘independent advocates union’ gathered carrying white shrouds, in the perimeter of Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square, in support of democratic and electoral legitimacy.

FJP, Islamist and revolutionary supporters in Arish launched the largest rally in support of constitutional legitimacy outside Abu-Bakr mosque in Fawakheriya district.

Pro-Morsi supporters in Sohag were surprised when their march in support of electoral legitimacy Tuesday was joined by the family of opposition figure Sameh Ashour, chairman of the Bar, who chanted slogans demanding a halt to all violations of legitimacy of the elected President Mohamed Morsi.