• March 3, 2008

Mashaal Calls IOF Crimes Committed in Gaza “a Holocaust”

Mashaal Calls IOF Crimes Committed in Gaza “a Holocaust”

Khalid Mashaal, the chairman of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas” political bureau, confirmed that the Zionist entity has been committing “a holocaust” against the Palestinian people throughout the past 60 years. “What is currently committed against our fellow citizens in Gaza by the Israeli occupation forces is a new holocaust”, he said.

Mashaal accused the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas of “providing, intentionally or unintentionally, a cover for this holocaust committed against civilians in Gaza “, in reference to Abbas”s statements in which he claimed that there are elements affiliated to Al-Qaeda in Gaza Strip plus Abbas” frank condemnation to the resistance and its missile fires .

Directing his talk to the “silent” international community, Mashaal said in a press conference held in the headquarters of the Syrian Ministry of Information in Damascus on Saturday afternoon, March, 1st, ” The Palestinian people are the victim, and Israel is the attacker and the executioner. Those who remain silent towards IOF”s crimes, are accomplices in these crimes”.

“It is a shame on Western and European countries to relieve their consciences towards what the Nazis committed against the Jews right in the Second World War, through allowing the Zionists to commit a remake of the holocaust against the Palestinian people”, Mashaal said.