Mashaal in Cairo for dialogue

Mashaal in Cairo for dialogue

Dr. Salah Al Bardaweel, A Hamas leader,  denied that Shiekh Khaled Mashaal directed to Cairo for shalit talks.

The leader said that Mashaal visit to Cairo is just for pushing the dialogue between Hamas and Fatah  and to know the intention of Fatah movement.

A Zionist newspaper claimed that a Hamas spokesman in Gaza says Khaled Mashaal, leader of the Islamic resistance movement Hamas, is in Cairo to discuss a prisoner exchange deal with the Zionist entity.

However, the newspaper claimed that in recent weeks, the German mediators have become involved, reviving the talks. Still, both sides have dampened expectations of a quick deal.

The same paper claimed that the prisoner-swap deal is still far from closing, despite reports to the contrary.

The Zionist newspaper also claimed that their organization would like the Shalit deal to be part of a wider accord encompassing issues related to the Gaza Strip, including the lifting of Israel’s siege, the opening of crossings, and a wide-ranging truce.