• July 6, 2007
  • 3 minutes read

Mashaal to Arab Rulers: Follow Chavez, Castro

Mashaal to Arab Rulers: Follow Chavez, Castro

Mashaal: We have evidence that Palestinian parties received US weapons

Khalid Mashaal, the chairman of the politburo of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas accused undisclosed Palestinian parties of receiving US weapon and training, not for resistance, but for using them against other Palestinian parties.
Mashaal said at the beginning of the sixth National Islamic conference in Doha that Hamas has evidence- which it will present when necessary- that ” a well-known movement that we don”t want to identify” receives US support to topple Hamas-led government.

Mashaal”s speech was the most prominent in the morning session of the conference as he expanded what is taking place in the Palestinian arena, stressing that Hamas conflict is not with the Palestinian Liberation Movement (Fatah) and ” the great figures” but with a category ” that seeks only its personal interests and seeks foreign intervention”.

Mashaal added that Hamas knows well that there is no authority under the occupation so that we conflict over it, wondering at accusing the movement of hindering the unity government talks because of the ” sovereignty portfolios”, a questioning ” what sovereignty?”.

Mashaal confirmed that Hamas did not control power and did not monopolize it, but it found itself in front of a status quo that it wanted to reform from inside to relieve the suffering on the Palestinian people, saying he understands the Arab, Muslim and Christian concerns over what takes place, but ” can”t responsibilities be equally distributed” in the internal crisis.
Respecting election resultsز

The Hamas politburo chief attributed the internal crisis to not respecting the election results and refusing Hamas call for partnership, the absence of Palestinian leaderships and reference and the US intervention that made some people- even in Palestinian accord, phone- during the unity government talks- the US administration to knows whether it objects to this or that.

Mashaal said that Hamas does not object to initiating a dialogue with America but under Palestinian conditions, and it doesn”t object that Washington defends its interests ” but not our interests”.

Mashaal lamented the Arab role which is still limited and always waits for a US visa, although the US project is defeated according to recognitions of its politicians from Briginski to Baker- Hamilton committee, and it even lost its back in Latin America.

Mashaal called on the Arab leaders to adopt the method of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro as ” they have the opportunity to change the rule by giving the option of resistance a chance for only five years, after they tried the option of settlement for 20 years” and not to put high stakes on The United States but on the resistance if t hey wanted a role, and ” the official regime will find at that time that it made a glory for itself and put a foothold for itself in the international politics”.