Masri: Abbas and his team trade Palestinian blood for political gains

Masri: Abbas and his team trade Palestinian blood for political gains

Prominent political leader of Hamas Movement in Gaza Strip MP Mushir Al-Masri has unequivocally accused on Sunday PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and his negotiating crew of participating in the siege on Gaza, and of trading the blood of the Palestinian people to achieve political gains.

According to Masri, Abbas and his team in the Ramallah-based PA leadership connived against the Palestinian people and helped tighten the grip of the crushing economic siege imposed on the 1.5 million Palestinian citizens living in the tiny Strip.

“Certainly, the harsh economic blockade imposed by Israel on Gaza has generated a sense of hatred in the hearts of the Palestinian people against Abbas and his retinue after it became obvious to all that he (Abbas) and his associates were effectively participating in the blockade [wrongly] thinking it could break the Palestinian resistance and it could help ousting Hamas from power”, asserted Masri.

He also underlined that it is a “big shame” on Abbas and his confidants to trade the future of an entire people in exchange for “hateful” political gains, urging the PA chief and his aides to rethink their position because “hardship strengthens unity of the Palestinian people”.

Furthermore, the Hamas”s lawmaker emphasized, “We are speaking here of an unprecedented bitter situation, and we talking of a siege unprecedented in the modern history that exposes life of an entire nation to death”, urging Palestinian, Arab, and international parties to change their policy towards the blockade

“Conditions in Gaza Strip have reached an alarming level; yet, we assert that pressure produces explosion, and if the hundreds of thousands of hungry people move I think no force on earth could stop them, and by then no borders and dams would remain”, Masri stressed.