Masri: Dahlan’s remarks verified what was revealed by Qaddoumi

Masri: Dahlan’s remarks verified what was revealed by Qaddoumi

Hamas lawmaker Mushir Al-Masri stated Monday that the remarks made by Mohamed Dahlan days ago about the ability of Fatah faction to control the Gaza Strip during two hours confirmed Fatah leader Farouk Al-Qaddoumi’s statement about the involvement of Dahlan and Mahmoud Abbas in the assassination of Palestinian resistance leaders.


MP Masri added that such remarks confirmed that the confessions made by members of the spy rings arrested before or after the Israeli war about providing Israel through the PA with information about targets in Gaza were true.


The lawmaker described the attempts made by Dahlan to reappear in the Palestinian political arena and his threats about taking control over Gaza in cooperation with Israel as “desperate and failed attempts.”


Dahlan had said, on the sidelines of a memorial service held for elements of PA security forces who were killed in clashes with Al-Qassam fighters in Qalqiliya, that it would not take more than two hours if Fatah wanted to take over Gaza according to a simple security plan.


In another context, Fatah leader Hosam Khader stated Tuesday that his Movement”s struggle history is used for the protection of personal interests and privileges of big leaders and not for the sake of the Palestinian people and their cause.


In a press statement to Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, Khader said that the people who destroyed Fatah over the past 20 years were those who possessed considerable financial means through the positions they held and the millions they looted from the Palestinian people.


He stressed that there is a remarkable alliance between corrupt officials within Fatah who move in all directions using their posts and money to complete the destruction of Fatah and convert it from a national liberation movement into a political party having a marginal role in the national file.