Masri: Fayyad is playing a dirty role in the pilgrims’ crisis

Masri: Fayyad is playing a dirty role in the pilgrims’ crisis

Hamas lawmaker MP Mushir Al-Masri said on Monday that the day when Palestinian people kick Salam Fayyadh out is near, after his illegitimate government condemned the resistance attack in Al-Khalil city Friday.

“The Palestinian people won’t accept America”s men to rule them, and it will not be long before the Palestinian people overthrow such people,” said Masri in clear allusion to Fayyadh and other PA and Fatah leaders in Ramallah city.

Masri also added that the mere condemnation, on the part of Fayyadh, of the Palestinian armed operation against the Israeli occupation army in Al-Khalil, and the subsequent arrest of two Palestinian citizens suspected of being involved in the attack was enough to strip him (Fayadh) of his Palestinian identity.

Fayyadh is holding the American citizenship and enjoys strong Israeli and US support in the Palestinian arena.

Furthermore, Masri accused Fayyadh of instigating the US administration against Egypt to pressure her not to open the Rafah crossing before the Palestinian pilgrims after he was disturbed by Egypt”s step of opening the terminal before around 2,400 Palestinian pilgrims heading to Makka to perform pilgrimage.

He also urged PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and the PA leadership to stop “futile” meetings with the Israelis and to ally themselves with their Palestinian people instead.

“It is indeed a big shame on the PA leadership to continue negotiations with the Israeli occupation government amidst relentless and brutal IOF aggressions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and thus, Abbas and his negotiation team must decide where they stand? Are they standing with their own Palestinian people, or they prefer to ally with Americans and the Israelis?”, Masri underlined.

The PA security apparatuses in the West Bank and the Israeli security departments had and still are carrying on “unprecedented” security coordination against the Palestinian resistance factions and fighters.

But Masri stressed that no one can decimate the Palestinian resistance after it became deep-rooted in the conscience of Palestinian people as their only hope for ridding themselves of the occupation.