• July 15, 2006
  • 4 minutes read

Massive Protests In Arab Countries Against Israeli Aggression

Massive Protests In Arab Countries Against Israeli Aggression

Demonstrations have erupted across several countries in the Middle East on Friday protesting the Israeli escalations in Lebanon and aggressions on the Palestinian civilians. In Egypt, more than five thousands demonstrated following the Friday prayers at al Azhar Mosque in downtown Cairo, demanding the Arab regimes to act and stop the aggressions perpetrated by Israel on the Palestinian and Lebanese people and to extend aid to them. They also demanded the Arab governments to expel the Israeli ambassadors from Arab states.


In Jordan, demonstrators held special prayers for those killed in Palestine and Lebanon and warned the Arab regimes of the repercussions of the Israeli aggressions which they said will harm the security and sovereignty of the Arab states especially the neighboring ones.


In war shattered Iraq, hundreds demonstrated after the Friday prayers condemning the Israeli attacks on Lebanon. In Iran, several activities were organized across the country in solidarity with Lebanese and Palestinians.


In France, Arab  and Muslim community leaderships will stage a sit-in on Saturday to protest the passivity of the Arab and Muslim countires towards Israeli aggressions; they will also call for extending all forms of aid to the Palestinian and Lebanese people.


Although Demonstrations varied in their place and time, but they all shared same demands; severing relations with Israel, boycotting its goods, and opening the door for armed resistance against Israel.