Masters of hypocrisy

Masters of hypocrisy

I have no doubt whatsoever that Shimon Peres, the President of the criminal state of Israel , would be the main winner in any international championship for  the world’s worst liar and hypocrite.


This week, Peres participated in an interfaith conference in  Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan , where he had the audacity to lecture delegates representing  the world’s major religions on peace, human dignity,  moral ethics and religious tolerance.


During his speech, Peres, whose country carried out a virtual genocide in Gaza only six months ago, urged believers to show respect toward those who differ with them.


He also called  on the King of Saudi Arabia to meet with him in occupied Jerusalem , in Riyadh or in any other place “in order to fulfill his prayer for peace among all people, without differences of religion.”


Peres was making  his sanctimonious statements about peace with  Arabs only a few hours after the Israeli government decided to build additional hundreds of Jewish settler units outside the Adam colony in the West Bank, in utter defiance of calls by the international community, including Israel’s guardian-ally, the United States, for a freeze on Jewish settlement expansion activities.


So, Peres wants to make peace with the Saudis, the Kazakhs, the Indonesians, the Mauritanians, even Muslims in the innermost parts of  Black Africa. It is only  the Palestinians he insists on stealing their land, arrogating their rights and narrowing their horizons.


Peres represents and embodies a country that lives and thrives on murder, theft and mendacity. Hence, it is sufficiently obvious that he can’t be honest about Israel’s criminal behavior. It is a country that is almost totally ugly from head to toe.


It is nearly impossible to gauge the level of Israeli-Zionist hypocrisy. Indeed, one wouldn’t go too far by saying that Israel is the world’s most hypocritical nation-state.


The evidence is as conspicuous as overwhelming.


First of all, Israel itself is built right on top of another people, the Palestinian people, without whose destruction and obliteration, this evil entity wouldn’t have seen the light of the day. This is the fact that some Israelis are beginning to recognize.


In his book, the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, Illan Pappe, Professor of Political Science at Haifa University wrote that  “The ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Israel was not an unintended consequence, or fortuitous occurrence, or even a ‘miracle’, as Israel’s first president Chaim Weizmann later proclaimed; it was the result of long and meticulous planning.”


In fact, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine was not a one-time operation that ended with the initial hostilities, e.g. in 1948,  as happened in Europe during the Second World War.


It has been going on ever since the establishment of the hateful colonial entity and is now continuing unabated in the form of seizing Palestinian land and property in the West Bank and East Jerusalem and building Jewish colonies on the very land Palestinians are being told will be the home of their  future state.


Peres is utterly unqualified to invoke human values since he and his colleagues in racism and terror,  people like Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barak and other war criminals, have been among history’s worst offenders.


In 1996, during his brief premiership following Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination, Peres ordered his army to commit the genocidal massacre of Qana in Southern Lebanon where Zio-Nazi troops mercilessly massacred more than 100 Lebanese children and women.


The horrific scenes of decapitated and mutilated children could only be compared with some of the worst Nazi atrocities in eastern Europe more than six decades ago.


Interestingly, until this moment, this false man of peace, this virulent hypocrite, has not had the moral courage to say “sorry” for the heinous carnage he committed in cold blood.


Peres has tons of innocent blood on his hands, hence the sins he   should apologize for are numerous and nearly countless. In fact, I am not sure that his apologies, even if sincere, which is utterly unlikely,  would make much of a difference anyway.


After all, we are talking about an irredeemable liar, hypocrite and war criminal.


This is a man who remained silent while the bulldozers of the Nazis of our time were crushing the bones and sculls of dead Muslims at the Mamillah cemetery in Jerusalem a few years ago in order to build a Museum of Tolerance !!! to celebrate “Zionist tolerance toward non-Jews”


I really wonder why none of the delegates at the Astana conference confronted this despicable thug with this issue? 


More to the point,  Peres is the President of the country that adamantly refuses to allow millions of Christians and Muslims in occupied Palestine to access  their respective religious places in al-Quds.


For example, this writer, who lives not far from Jerusalem ,  has been utterly unable to enter the city  for the past 15 years, even for a brief prayer at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. This is while people from around the world can easily and freely visit the holy city.


So, one is really at loss trying to reconcile this hateful racist  policy of religious discrimination against  Palestinian Christians and Muslims with Peres’ call for religious tolerance.


In his visit to Astana, Peres was accompanied with another hypocrite, Israel’s Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metger.


Metzger, a firm believer in Jewish supremacy, urged delegates at the conference to help free an Israeli occupation soldier taken prisoner by Palestinian freedom fighters in Gaza a few years ago.


And in characteristic Zionist self-absorbedness, Metzger utterly ignored that fact that his country was holding as many as 11,000  Palestinian political prisoners, including democratically elected officials, in inhuman conditions in slimy dungeons and concentration camps all over occupied Palestine .


So, delegates should at least have asked this pseudo religious leader if he had  thought that the safety and freedom of a single Israeli soldier were more important than the safety and freedom of more than eleven thousand Palestinian prisoners languishing in Zionist jails, most of them didn’t commit any real violation, apart from demanding freedom for their own captive people.


Hypocrisy spells moral depravity. It is one of the worst human vices. However, when readily practiced by “religious leaders” who claim to adhere to a higher standard of morality, it becomes a disastrous trait of immensely sinful proportions.


It is indeed lamentable that certified war criminals, like Shimon Peres, and racist rabies representing an evil state, like Yona Metzger, are invited to address religious conferences whose goal is to build a better world based on justice and equality, two characters that are completely incompatible with the Zionist mindset.


It was also sad that only one delegation, the Iranian delegation, walked out of the conference hall when the terrorist President of Israel began giving his speech.


Unfortunately, many of these official delegates represented tyrannical and despotic regimes which are only Muslim by name and don’t really represent the real spirit of Islam which upholds the dignity of human beings and rejects racism,  tyranny and oppression.