Mauritania: MB Fields Candidates In Parliamentary Elections

Mauritania’s Moderate Reformist Trend affirms that it adopts the method of the Egyptian moderate Muslim Brotherhood group, adding that it will ask the government to boost its partnership with Europe and promote, to some extent, cooperation with the US, said its head, Mohammad Jamil Ould Mansour, in a press conference held on Monday 13.

He called for banning the use of mosques for political campaigns in the upcoming parliamentary elections on November 19, citing the sanctity and neutrality of the houses of worship and criticizing those who attempt to exploit them in the election campaigns, which started two weeks ago. The Muslim Brotherhood trend has fielded 30 candidates as independents in the coming 95- member parliament.

Since the Mauritanian law bans forming religious parties, the Pro-MB Moderate Reformist Trend opted to field its candidates on the slate of the Socialist Democratic Unionist Party with national Ba’athist inclinations.

However, the Moderate Reformist Trend will keep its election program unchanged, while complying with the law which allows candidacy only on the slate of officially recognized parties. European, Arab and African missions are to take part in monitoring the election process and refer their final reports to their governments after the end of the elections.

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