Mauritania: MB Reformist Movement Reportedly Leading Elections

The Islamists have gained a considerable lead in the Mauritanian elections, sources confirm, adding that they are running second nationwide and are running first in the capital, Nouakchott .

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Mohammad Jamil Ould Mansour, the leader of the moderate reformists, said that the elections went on smoothly, the results are very promising and that the initial indications of the vote-count confirm that the Islamic movement is running second nationwide and is running first in the capital, Nouakchott.

These initial results confirm the Mauritanians rejection to the era of corruption and dictatorship, and their conviction of our reformist method in building a new Mauritania, Ould Mansour said. Al-Multaqa (the gathering) competes with 64 lists in the local elections and 30 candidates in the legislative elections as independents.

It is worth noting that the registered voters in Mauritania are about 1.1 million citizens who are casting their votes in the legislative and municipal elections; the legislative elections takes place between 411 lists including 259 party lists and 32 lists belonging to party coalitions and 120 lists belonging to independents competing on all the National Assembly’s ( parliament) 95 seats, while the municipal elections are held between 1222 election slates, including 888 slates of political parties and 334 slates of independents, competing on the seats of 216 municipalities.