Mauritania’s MB Wins 5 Seats In Parliamentary Elections

 The final results of the runoff of the Mauritanian legislative elections showed a great progress for the opposition, after winning 14 seats out of 52.

According to the final results, announced by the Mauritanian Interior Minister, Mohamed Ahmed Ould Mohamed Al Amin, the political parties have won in the runoff 21 seats, while the independent slates won  31 seats, including two moderate reformists (Islamists) who ran as independents .

Popular Alliance for Progress (APP) garnered five seats, the ex-ruling Republic Party for Democracy and Renewal (PRDR gained three seats, and the Bloc of Democratic Forces got three seats, while The Assembly of Democratic Forces  won two seats

The parties of the Progressive Popular Coalition, the Union of the Democratic Forces, and the Assembly for Democracy and Unity, one one seat for every party.

An alliance of the party of Union and Change and the Progressive Popular Party won two seats; another alliance between the Union of Democratic Forces, and the Assembly of Progress Forces one seat for every party.

The Interior Minister pointed that the turnout of the second round– at which 34 independent slates and 33 slates of political parties were standing- reached 69.49 % and that the null ballot cards reached 27289 (6.2 %).
Final Landscape

Concerning the last shape of the parliament, the minister explained that the political parties managed to garner 54 seats out of a total of  95 seats.

He confirmed that the Bloc of Democratic Forces garnered 15 seats and Assembly of Progress Forces won 8 seats and the ex-ruling Republican Party of the democracy and Renewal won 7 seats, while the Assembly for Democracy, the Union for Democracy and Progress won three seats for each; Mauritanian Union and Change Party ( Hatem ) and the party of Democratic Renewal got two seats for each.
The independents won 41 seats including three seats for the moderate reformists ( Muslim Brotherhood), to raise to five the number of seats won by the Islamists for the first time in the Mauritanian parliament.

Women got 18 seats in the 95-seat parliament, near the 20 % which the authorities wanted to allocate to women in the first Mauritanian parliament to be elected in a transparent and democratic way according to political parties.

Mohamed Jemil Ould Mansour, the leader of the gathering of the moderate reformists ( Muslim Brotherhood  said, in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the Mauritanian elections were a good model regarding democracy, although they were marred by some simple violations that do not affect the fairness of the experience and its transparency .

“The elections gave a very important result: that the Mauritanian people back the reformist method against powers of corruption in the Mauritanian society” Ould Mansour said.

Ould Mansour pointed out that there are many problems that the Mauritanian people face and which we will work for solving and we will implement the election program according to which we were elected.