MB’s “Freedom and Justice” Papers Soon to Be Submitted

MB’s “Freedom and Justice” Papers Soon to Be Submitted

Dr. Ahmed Diab, head of the Muslim Brotherhood political section, said the group will submit the Freedom and Justice’s papers to the Judicial Committee to examine the procedural conditions for founding the party in the next few weeks.

Asked about the draft party platform that was released by the Egyptian newspapers, he told "Ikhwanweb": "The draft is non-confidential, but the final form of the new party is open for further discussion by the Shura Council of the MB."

He stated that the Brothers are on the verge of completing a draft of the new party, and will apply for registration once the party’s platform and its regulation are approedl.

As for the possibility the Baha’is and Secularists may join the ranks of the group’s "Freedom and Justice" as mentioned by the party’s deputy founder, Diab said: "These are completely fictional, purely hypothetical questions and the most important point is the party has set conditions on membership to be based on an Islamic frame of reference." He added that anybody who agrees with its conditions is welcome.

"The Freedom and Justice Party is a purely political party and its membership will be acceptable to a wide segment of the population who accept its terms," he said, adding that anybody who accepts the party’s regulations must meet its conditions.

A preliminary draft confirms that the MB does not object to the election of women or Copts in cabinet, although it deems that both are "unsuitable" for presidency and that they do not believe in the guardianship of the scholars (Wilayat al Faqih) and see that it is totally unacceptable.

“When we look at the revolution’s slogans, such as ‘freedom,’ ‘social justice’ and ‘equality’–all of these can be found in Islamic Law," said Diab. "Social justice fosters interdependence among members of the community and this is what Islamic Law calls for."

The group supports free-market capitalism, but without manipulation or monopoly. The party’s political program would include tourism as a main source of national income. It is divided into eight sections and will discuss the party’s principles and the directions on state’s political principles, the economic program, social issues, religious affairs, national unity, culture, and art and media for the country’s welfare, progress, rule of law and citizenship.