• MB News
  • February 14, 2011
  • 4 minutes read

MB’s insight and calls for preliminary steps during upcoming period

MB’s insight and calls for preliminary steps during upcoming period

 In light of the current situation and the progressive incidents the Muslim Brotherhood release this press statement relaying their hopes and offering their insights for the upcoming period.
Following the success of the People Revolution and the ousting of the former President Mubarak and his corrupt regime the MB praises  all responsible who took part in the stand which opened the door to reform and construction, unity and interdependence, progress and advancement for a brighter future.

The Egyptian people have entered a new stage following the complexities of a regime which had designed the constitution to serve its personal interests. Time has come for constitutional reform and amendments to the articles which had once referred power to one individual who had repeatedly dictated nothing but oppression and deprived people their right to freedom of speech.
The MB confirms that it and the people respect and trust the army which throughout the revolution continued to demonstrate poise caring for the good of one and all. On this note the MB confidently calls on the army to start its reform steps with parliamentary elections under the supervision of a full judiciary, stressing its trust in the military which took upon itself to oversee the peaceful transition.
The MB calls for a simple draft and a set agenda which will benefit all and will not take time to implement including:

The immediate release of detainees arrested for participating in the demonstrations which began January 25.

A general pardon to all political prisoners sentenced by exceptional courts.

The annulling of the 30 year state of emergency.

The formation of a new and efficient cabinet acceptable to all people.

Immediate investigation to those responsible for the needless deaths of demonstrators and  aggression, chaos and destruction of public and private institutions and bringing  them to trial, as well as the investigation into the crimes committed by state security in light of the previous regime.

These preliminary steps will undoubtedly appease the people and deepen the trust and bond further the amiable relationship between the army and the people guaranteeing common security, stability and hope in the entire country.