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  • October 13, 2008
  • 4 minutes read

MB, Kefaya Launch Facebook Campaign Against NDP Conference

MB, Kefaya Launch Facebook Campaign Against NDP Conference


Tens of MB and Kefaya youth have begun launching a campaign against the NDP General Conference in which they will be showing pictures of the Doweiqah catastrophe, illegal immigration, trials of journalists, in addition to other pictures and comments indicating the NDP”s failure and as anti-publicity for the party on the occasion of holding its annual general conference.


MB and Kefaya youth called against the use of household computer systems in these special circumstances to avoid police monitoring of their connections and arrests recommending the use of laptops instead as they are more portable and can easily pick up on wireless connections in coffee shops and universities. 


NDP youth have also launched a facebook campaign in their party”s advantage showing pictures of new cities, and some of the factories, public schools, and hospitals which the party contributed in developing and constructing.  NDP youth have also started publicizing for their party within the universities.


On the other hand, the NDP will be holding serious talks on promoting its affiliates in the different committees and public trusts.  It was heard during the past few days that some changes were already made regarding the trustees of some of the committees as well as nominations for filling these positions which include: Dr.  Yemen El-Hamaky as Secretary General of the Women”s Trust, Dr. Mohamed Kamal  as the Trust”s Assistant Secretary General, and Rose El-Yusuf”s Editor in Chief Abdullah Kamal as Secretary General of the Political Training and Education Committee.  Furthermore, a few members of the Policy Committee will be excluded while others will be nominated to fill the vacancies.