MB: Brotherhood TV series desperate attempt by dictatorial regime to distort image

MB: Brotherhood TV series desperate attempt by dictatorial regime to distort image

A recent statement by leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood group has expressed distaste at the lame attempt to tarnish the group’s reputation. The airing of the television series “The Group” during Ramadan is strategically planned to pressure the Egyptians into rethinking who they plan to vote for in the upcoming elections in which the MB has planned to field candidates.  

“The pro-government leanings of scriptwriter Wahid Hammed are blatant, and the timing of the series, just three months before the election, is no coincidence”.

 During the 2005 elections the group was successful in securing 88 seats totaling one fifth of the parliamentary seats and has since been able to expose numerous corruptions by government officials and institutions in addition to helping the Egyptian citizens with numerous services.

Contrary to human rights reports, the writers’ depict the security’s interrogations in abuse-free prisons portraying the group as members of a violent Islamist ideology, despite being renowned for calling for only peaceful political reform widely condemning violence.

In fact analysts have widely agreed that the Brotherhood has sincerely renounced violence and shown restraint in the face of the routine arrests and harassment of its members”.

Dr. Mohamed Badie the MB chairman describes the series as an attack against the group but asserts that no production will deter the group’s non-violent stance in calling for change.

MP Hamdi Hassan from the MB parliamentary bloc maintains that it is a security production, to undermine the group not an artistic production judging by its scenario and timing.

The group has  always been targeted prior to elections with dawn raids on their homes, confiscation of personal belongings, arbitrary arrests and indefinite detentions  and the series airing has come to be a new tool used by the regime as propaganda to justify their methods.

Writer, Hammed denies the accusations have anything to do with the elections. In a statement he told AFP “It has nothing to do with elections,” adding “elections are in any case decided by “lies and bribes.” As things appear, this could be the only tangible truth in the whole charade written by Hammed.